About Bioteque America Inc

Bioteque specializes in providing the finest gynaecological products available today. Bioteque has been designing, developing, and distributing the most cost-effective OB/GYN products since their incorporation in 1992.


Bioteque’s efforts have resulted in a satisfied customer base that has grown remarkably over the past 28 years. With a beginning in Pennsylvania, Bioteque has expanded its operations globally.

Bioteque™ OB/GYN products currently available for sale in Canada consists:

  • Pessaries & Fitting Sets
  • Endometrial Samplers
  • Vaginal/Cervical Dilators
  • HSG Catheters
  • Curettes
  • Uterine Sounds
  • Disposable OS Finders, Dilators, Canal Locators

Note: There is no LATEX in any of our products. Please note that Gehrung, Hodge and FlexiShelf pessaries each contain metal.

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Bioteque has exclusive manufacturing capabilities and products are fully compliant with Food and Drug Administration, CE Mark, and ISO13485. 
Pessaries are made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone.

Idoman Canada is an authorized distributor of Bioteque America Inc’s gynaecological product line.

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